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prices listed are for individual use. if looking to commission for a commercial project / company, please contact through Rigger Mortis or [email protected]


prices listed are for individual use (excluding art for merch production).

add chara+75%

looking for something else? feel free to contact me if you're looking to commission something different!


prices listed are for individual use with commercial fees included. art is not included

stream schedule$110
stream overlay$100
panel set (5 panels)$60
stream package (2 overlays, schedule or 2 basic screens, & panels)$340

logo commissions will be more selective in nature.

returning customers looking to update previous graphics I made for them will have a 15% discountnote * i will unable to make updates to certain clients due to a hard-drive failure T__T i lost a lot of my original files for certain assets. if you'd like me to still recreate the assets, i will be charging normal prices to remake them due to added work time.


  1. Initial Request - Discussion of your commission inquiry. I provide more information if needed.

  2. Invoice - Either paid upfront or in partial.

  3. Check-in - Rough layout or sketch submitted to commissioner. Feedback can be given here.

  4. Final Submission - Fixes are made if requested, final files are delivered.

note i am now affiliated with rigger mortis! any new inquiries should be sent through their contact information, which can be found on their carrd!


  • I own all rights over the completed work, which allows me to redistribute (watermarked pieces) for self-promotion. However, if you ask to withhold from posting, I will gladly oblige!

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel/refund commissions for any reason.

  • Do not edit / sell / profit / claim the finished commission. FOR ILLUSTRATIONS You are allowed to use illustrations to make physical items for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you are interested in using my illustrations for commercial use, please let me know and we can discuss! FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN Commercial fees are included in the price, so you are free to use it for any commercial or personal project!

  • You may request up to 2 minor changes after I send the finished piece!

  • All payments are through PayPal or Ko-Fi!

  • You are free to repost the commission to your account but you have to post it WITH CREDIT

  • NEW * When completing the contact form through Rigger Mortis, you are confirming that you've read over both of our Terms of Services. Commissions for the temporary period will not be first come first serve and projects will only be accepted through an Rigger Mortis Inquiry. Only when chosen and the quote has been confirmed will the commission process will proceed.



when sending a commission inquiry, please make sure to include this information to make the process smoother ✦

  • PayPal Email

  • Type of Commission

  • References (Character reference, mood boards, etc.)

  • Any additional information