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my name is chessu!i'm an artist & designer passionate about what they create!i pride myself in being able to adapt to a variety of styles depending on the project .

for commercial projects, please contact my email or through my guild:email ⬩ [email protected]
guild ⬩ Rigger Mortis

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❚ graphics.

i tend to design leaning towards modern aesthetics, but i can work in a lot of different styles.some of the services that i offer include:

  • stream overlays & screens (static & animated)

  • schedule templates

  • event graphics (promotional, subathon, tournaments)

  • logos & branding

❚ illustration.

i have experience making illustrations for a variety of projects which include but are not limited to:

  • art for covers & music videos

  • character design & reference sheets

  • stream assets (emotes, pngTubers)

  • illustration for print

❚ terms of service.

please make sure to read through the full tos before commissioning me.

  • if commissioning through Rigger Mortis, you must also agree to the guild's tos as well.

  • any violation of tos will result in project termination.

i try my best to complete commissions within 2-3 months. updates are made upon request or as i finish parts of the project.

❚ gallery.

for examples of my work, please view here. clicking on these links will take you to a new site.

⸢ looking for something different? ⸥

if you are looking to commission something not found within my usual scope of work, please contact me!

❚ illustration.

prices listed are for individual use (excluding art for merch production)

painted style 
complex background/props (starting price)+$30
flat color style 
complex background/props (starting price)+$20

art will be delivered as a .png with transparent bg on request.file size will vary depending on the project but will be at least 2000 x 2500px.

❚ graphics.

prices listed are for individual
use. please contact me for
commercial prices.
if you have any art assets you'd
like to use, please make sure you
have commercial rights
to them.

stream schedule$150
stream overlay (static)$120
promotional graphics (starting price)$80
video thumbnail$50

most graphics are delivered as a flattened .png or a .psd

⸢ looking for something different? ⸥

if you are looking to commission something not found within my usual scope of work, please contact me!

❚ general info.

  • any rush orders or projects with strict deadlines must be communicated beforehand. otherwise, I will complete the commission at my own pace & time, but within 2-3 months unless stated otherwise.

  • i do not keep public progress of my commissions. message me if you need an update on your project.

  • excessive revisions will result in additional fees. generally, i allow up to 3 minor adjustments.

  • if the client's deadline forces the priority of its completion ahead of previous clients, a priority (rush) fee will be incurred.

❚ project timeline.

Initial RequestDiscussion of your commission inquiry. I provide more information if needed.
InvoiceEither paid upfront or in partial.
Check-inRough layout or sketch submitted to commissioner. Feedback can be given here.
Final SubmissionFixes are made if requested, final files are delivered.

❚ terms of service.

Any violation of these terms may result in blacklisting.By submitting an application, you agree to the following:

❚ inquiry.

  1. I have the right to refuse any project proposal.

  2. When submitting an application, you must provide all relevant information and materials for me to be able to start on the project. You are responsible for understanding the usage rights and terms of the materials you provide for me.

  3. If you'd like to use any of my work for commercial purposes, like merchandise, printing, or any mass-produced projects, please let me know ahead of time. Fees may be incurred depending on the scope of the project.

❚ payment.

  1. Payments will be made through PayPal or VGen invoicing.

  2. If payment has not been received, work on the project will not start unless another payment plan has been discussed.

  3. Payments will always be made at least 50% upfront regardless of the project. The other 50% payment must be made before or right after the final files have been delivered.

❚ refund.

  1. After project start, refunds (full or partial) will depend on the level of work that has been done already. No refunds will be given after project delivery.

  2. If Chessu is unable to finish the project under any circumstances, a partial refund will be given depending on the level of completion the project is at.

  3. The client agrees not to file a chargeback without prior notice or discussion with Chessu.

❚ delivery.

  1. The client holds standard rights to use the model for social media and streaming distribution. Any additional types of distribution must be communicated to the rigger as royalties may apply.

  2. You must have credit linked to me (@onipilot) in an easily seen location. If my credit is already on the file, you do not need to tag or link back to me.

  3. Clients are free to use finished illustrations or graphics as part of their social media appearance (profile picture, banner, etc.) without explicit consent from me.

❚ showcase.

  1. I reserve the right to post about any completed work on my social media as a form of self-promotion or for portfolio showcasing. If you'd like your project to remain private, let me know ahead of time.

  2. FOR CONTENT CREATORS. Showcases will always be made after the event is announced or completed. Generally, I will ask before making & posting a showcase.